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    • Electric Drill Battery

      Contact NowElectric Drill BatteryCell type:Samsung Li-ion Battery 18650 3.6V 1500mAhBattery pack:18650 3S1PNominal Voltage and Capacity:10.8V 1500mAhPCB function:Overcharge,Over current, Short circuit,high temperature protectionARead More2015-12-02

    • Solowheel Battery

      Contact NowSolowheel BatteryElectric Solo Wheel Battery specification : 1.Nominal voltage:60V(customized)2.Rated capacity:2.2ah (customized)3.Model no. : 22PM V34.Pack:16S1P5.Weight:0.86kg6.Over charge voltage::67.2V(cell: 4.2VRead More2015-12-02

    • Screwdriver Battery

      Contact NowScrewdriver BatteryCell Type:Samsung Li-ion Battery 18650 3.7V 1500mAhBattery Pack:18650 4S2PNominal Voltage & Capacity:14.4V 3000mAhPCM:This battery pack applied special designed protection circuit: Over charge, ORead More2015-12-02

    • Water Analyzer Battery

      Contact NowWater Analyzer Battery1.Technical parameters: The Water Quality Analyzer is an important instruments for the Water analysis of water quality. It equip with mini Electric pump,Mixer, Heater and monitor. The instant start-upRead More2015-12-02

    • Flaw Dectector Battery

      Contact NowFlaw Dectector BatteryBattery pack for Flaw Detector : For the long working time of portable flaw detector ,the capacity and the stability is the most important problems.The battery for use Sanyo batteries which have highRead More2015-12-02

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